Dalat market

Some experiences to avoid sophisticated scams at Dalat night market

Da Lat market is the commercial center and is considered the “heart” of Dalat city. It is a shopping destination that tourists always visit each time to this place. The market sells almost all famous specialties of Dalat city and agricultural products of Lam Dong province.

Da Lat Night Market, also known as Am Phu Market, is a trading activity at Dalat Market that takes place at night. This is a must to visit when coming to Dalat. Let’s explore what Da Lat night market has and special notes for visitors.

Dalat market
Dalat market scenery

Introducing Da Lat night market

Da Lat night market is a tourism spot and the most famous shopping center where converges the quintessence of culture, cuisine in the foggy city.
If you are a tourist coming to Dalat, you cannot miss this place. To give you a more detailed view of market, this article will help you.

The address of Da Lat market

It is located at Nguyen Minh Khai street, Ward 1, Dalat city, Lam dong province. The market is situated in the city centre so it is very convenient for travel.

The history of Da Lat market

Da Lat market is the busiest shopping centre in Dalat, It has a favourable location where the “heart” of city DaLat. Market was built in 1958, It was designed by architect Nguyen Duy Duc in 1960.

Due to the growing demand for commerce and trade of the city, On April 3, 1993, the construction of section B of Dalat market which was designed by two architects Le Van Ray and Tran Hung began The market was designed with 3 floors, is one of the first-floor markets of our country.

Open time for Da Lat market

Dalat market is the most trading centre in the city, so trading time happens almost all day. We can be divided into three main time periods, with different activities.

The first activity period is from 7 am to 5 pm. This is the period of time spent on business activities, trading in the market. There are many items, basic supplies sold to serve the needs of the local people and visitors.

The second times are from 18 pm to 22 pm. This is the best time for you and me choosing to visit. This time happens busy in the day, all crowded. To know the reason why it attracts a lot of people like that, Let’s read below information.

The period of time from 3:00 am to 6:00 am is the main period of business activity of the trader. Because it is a wholesale market, the goods often gather here. Then They was delivered to stalls and shops around the city. If you want to buy cheap and fresh products, you should go to the market at this time.

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What does Da Lat market have?

Dalat Market is the largest commercial centre of Dalat city. Therefore, almost all markets sell speciality products and goods of Da Lat. You can choose and buy a lot of specialities of Da Lat as a gift.

Specialities of Da Lat market.

Dalat is known not only as a holiday paradise but also known as a paradise of jams. When entering the market gate, you can see everywhere jam products such as strawberry jam, kiwi jam, apple jam, persimmon jam,…

Specialties at the market

Coming to Da Lat market, you realize that almost everything, from fruits to vegetables can be made into jam. How is the jam delicious and appealing to men’s heart. If you are a gourmet, the jam stalls at Dalat market are a destination absolutely not to be missed.

Homeland of vegetables

When it comes to vegetables in Dalat, it is too famous for everyone. Dalat has a cool climate year-round, So agriculture has developed strongly and cemented its brand in the market.

Homeland of vegetables

Coming to Da Lat market, visitors can delight in their choice, with all kinds of vegetables and fruits and almost no shortage of any kind. Agriculture products are sold everywhere, looking at all fresh, just want to buy all to eat.

Because almost vegetables at the market are local agriculture products, they are super fresh and has a reasonable price. If you want to buy them as a gift for relatives, you should buy at big shops which are more prestige and have great caution in wrapping goods.

Da Lat Market is the paradise of wool.

Dalat is a region with a cold climate all year round, so it is not uncommon to have a lot of woollen shops in Dalat market. Wool goods in Da Lat market are a place many tourists choose to visit and shop.

There are diversity wool products which you can buy such as sweater, latex, shawls, gloves…You can buy them as a gift or buy yourself a wool suit to walk around. In addition, In Dalat market also sells a lot of products to serve the need of local people.

Da Lat Market is a flower paradise

It is not uncommon for Da Lat market to have so many flowers, because Dalat is known as the “city of thousands of flowers”. With a cool climate all year round, the work of growing flowers in Da Lat is very developed and cemented its brand in the market.

The petals are sparkling with all colours and shapes, highlighting a corner of the market. Here you can choose for yourself the favourite flowers to return home or as a gift of the “city of thousands of flowers”.

Visiting Da Lat night market- Am Phu market.

Da Lat night market or Am Phu market is Da Lat market, but trading activities take place at night. During the day it is like a regular street market, with shops selling consumer goods.

Dalat Night Market is a destination not to be missed when coming to Dalat. Dalat Night Market always attracts a large number of visitors, visiting every night. For an overview of Dalat night market, read on below !!.

Da Lat night market
Visiting Da Lat night market- Am Phu market

The origin of the Am Phu market’s name

At Da Lat market almost takes place from morning to night without stopping. At the beginning of the night, it is trading, eating and drinking service for tourists.

Late at night and early in the morning, there are no more tourists in Dalat. Agricultural products from all over gather here. If you go to the market at this time you will buy very fresh vegetables and very cheap prices.

What time does the Da Lat Night Market open?

What time does the Da Lat Night Market finish? This question many people are interested in and often ask us. Operation time at Dalat night market is about 22 hours. Depending on the number of guests and the weather, the finishing time maybe later or finish earlier.

bustling space of the night market

Approximately after 18:00, the Da Lat night market began to operate. The shops along the two sides of the main road to the market quickly changed their appearance. Instead there are kiosks selling souvenirs, clothes, food…

Market time is bustling and crowded, especially from 19:00 to 21:00. The road is always crowded, sometime when you go unnoticed, you may step on other people’s feet.

Address of Da Lat night market.

Dalat Market is located at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. The market is located in the center so it is very convenient for travel. The market extends from Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street to the front of the fountain.

Address of Dalat night market

Dalat Night Market on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, from the fountain to the monument in front of market.

Parking Location at Da Lat night market

You want to visit Dalat night market, but do not know where to park the car. Then, right in front of the gate to market, There is a fairly large parking lot on the left side. You can park your cars there, the parking ticket price is about 5.000 VND for motorcycles.

You should take notice of locking the car neck or check the check before going, to avoid being stolen. And it’s important to remember the location of your car, it’s not hard to find it, among hundreds of cars.

What is the Da Lat Night Market?

Market is a place to visit and have fun appealing a large number of visitors every night. So in market, there are many activities for eating and playing, which are quite exciting. Going to Dalat night market, you can enjoy food, shopping or sightseeing to enjoy the city.

What to eat at Dalat night market?

What to eat in Dalat night market is a question many people are interested in, because there are countless different dishes at the market. At the night market, snacks are sold everywhere and a variety of dishes.

Enjoy delicious food at Dalat night market

Delicacies in Dalat night market such as grilled rice paper, baked sweet potatoes, sweet soup, grilled skewers,… With the chilly atmosphere of Dalat, It is such a great experience to enjoy the hot dishes, both blow and eat.

Because at Dalat night market there are many delicious dishes, so you will definitely not enjoy them all. So, following AGO will have some advice for you.

  • According to Ago Tourist, you should only try light snacks like baked food, sweet potatoes, rice paper, and hot cereal milk. If you want to try other things like noodles, pho, porridge or seafood, you should go to the restaurant to eat.
  • In addition to the street food, there are also jam and tea specialities at the night market you can try. Because some shop owners can give you a try, to recommend products.
  • If you want to enjoy the delicious food, typical of the city, you can refer to more information, address here.

What to buy at Dalat night market?

In addition to the food stalls, the Da Lat night market sells a lot of items, you can buy as gifts:

  • Agricultural products: Vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, cauliflower, cabbage … almost every season, the price is not too expensive, so you can pack, the packing fee is 5,000 VND / bin. Agricultural products such as avocado, strawberry, artichoke are seasonal and the prices also vary from season to season.
  • Speciality jam tea: At Dalat market, there are hundreds of different types of tea jam, but to be assured, you should buy in prestigious stores like L’angfarm.
  • Wool and souvenirs: At the night market there are many shops selling wool and souvenirs, you can choose for yourself the things you like best.

Dalat Night Market is an interesting destination, many people choose when coming to the foggy city. But because of the crowded, bustling market, so much fruit has been born. For a complete tour, read on the experience of going to Dalat night market below!!

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Experience going to Da Lat night market

There have been many stories about the situation of “rip off” tourists when visiting market. Although authorities have been involved many times, after hile the situation was still happening. Here I will summarize some experiences for your reference.

  • Avoid eating too much at the night market in Da Lat.
  • Buy specialities at stores with obvious origins like L’angfarm.
  • If you want to eat, but what should be asked carefully price, each dish.
  • Be careful with the tricks that entice photography.
  • Be careful with what is valuable to you because the Dalat night market is very crowded.

This is all the information you should keep in mind when visiting Da Lat night market. Because a more beautiful city of Dalat, let’s join hands to push back the negative sides, the crime is happening.

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